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Marketing Optimization Leadership

A solid blueprint and sound strategy are the keys to executing any given marketing endeavor. Managing them effectively on an ongoing basis ensures success. Reap will ensure that the digital and certain offline initiatives function together as part of a business-generating engine, with the ability to measure results. First and foremost, we’re your partner to guide you through the process of marketing optimization.

Enablement & Production

The production of assets needed to complete our recommendations are available on project by project basis. Some of our unique services include the following:

  • Video For Conversions™: Did you know? 59% more people would rather watch a video than read text.  Shoppers are 64% more likely to buy from a website that has a video about the product or service they are interested in. Search results with a video thumbnail have 41% higher click through than a higher ranked keyword.
  • The Unfair Advantage™: Your competition can be an indicator of potential success not a potential threat.  With a 12% higher conversion rate than the average landing page, our method is an excellent way to get some quick wins right out of the gate.
  • Content Curation for Conversions™: If SEO is a marathon, then content curation is a sprint. Both are fun, but we can offer up an alternative to get you that ‘free’ search traffic every business is on the hunt for, sooner than later. Our process is no gimmick or trick, it’s just a consistent blind spot in the mind of most marketers and we don’t want you to miss out.
  • A / B Testing : Reap will prepare an initial set of testing ideas and recommendations documenting the opportunity, testing hypothesis, success metrics and project plan for the tests to be run to help efficiently administer AB tests on the site to improve the overall conversions.

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