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We're a digital marketing agency obsessed with conversions.

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How an SEO Agency in Dallas Takes a Different Approach


If you’re in the Dallas area and comparing SEO agencies, Reap has a unique approach to content creation that we have executed across clients of various sizes.


Reap Marketing: A Dallas SEO Agency

Reap Marketing is an agency equipped with a team of marketing professionals with a specialization in conversion rate optimization. Our agency’s goal is to help you make informed decisions in order to make changes to improve your search engine rankings with a different approach than other SEO agencies in Dallas.

To put our unique methodologies to the test, our Dallas SEO Agency hired itself to build an eCommerce company from the ground up and have been able to increase our own eCommerce conversion rate by over 950% through various A/B Testing and unique CRO methodologies.

We will share some of the takeaways we’ve learned through our own experience in content creation, SEO projects, and testing and put those to the test on your website as a client of our agency.


If you’re interested in starting a conversation, request a quote and a member of our team will be in contact with you!


Our Agency’s Featured SEO Services

Contrary to most other SEO agencies in Dallas, our services often don’t include a series of 500-1000 word landing pages and blogs. Instead, we take a different approach with the following offerings:


PR & Media Outreach

Our agency has developed a process for building out a list of qualified third-party websites and developing a relationship with them in order to get clients’ content published with a backlink. We have found more SEO value in having a backlink to our clients’ websites than having a long-form piece of content.


Content Curation

With third-party published content or articles from a reliable industry source, the content team at our SEO agency will curate content and post it on our clients’ websites. This creates an opportunity to open a dialogue with the original author or source when sharing out to social media.


Site Speed & Optimization

Not only written on-site content is a ranking factor when search engines are grading a website. Other factors that Google, Yahoo and Bing look at include how quickly your website loads. Through implementing best practices to increase your site speed, our Dallas agency will make the development updates necessary to make pages load faster, and therefore rank higher. We can also help you to implement Accelerated Mobile Performance pages (or AMP pages) which are given priority by Google when loading search results.


Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B Testing

Whether you choose our Dallas SEO agency to do content updates or have another group with that focus, Reap can assist on testing and optimization around your website. Having a mobile responsive and user-friendly website can make an impact on your reach engine rankings, whether you have great content or not. Through implementing a series of A/B Tests or industry best practices, you not only have the opportunity to rank higher, but also can convert more of the users you are getting onto your website from your SEO efforts. s


Ready to get started? Click here and a member of our team will contact you about getting a quote for our agency’s SEO services.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We have used Reap for our marketing services for several years. Brice is a brilliant guy, he and his team look at marketing from the vantage point of conversions - turning visitors into customers instead of just a branding agency.
-Ben Peterson
[Reap is] an important part of helping us hone our thinking when it comes to digital marketing. I come to them for their expertise and thought leadership on how to increase our search engine visibility, how to nurture leads in our database, and how to improve our ecommerce conversions. Their ecommerce industry expertise gives us the confidence we need to make calculated steps towards improving our current marketing efforts.
-Jaclyn Willbrand
We’ve employed Reap for over 7 years to coach our graphic designers, developers and sales staff on how to produce campaigns that generate good sales leads. They also help consult with us on our digital media buying to reach the right audiences.
-Brianna Long
Reap is helping guide us through making the right steps, thinking about the right approach, and putting the right metrics in place as I build out my own marketing department to do the actual “hands on” work.
-Jeff Owen
Reap has helped us step outside the limits of what we think is possible. They provide activities and direction to help us think in different ways - starting from a place of analytics or lateral thinking… just different ways to help us stretch our own creativity and really think differently about our site and how you can improve our site to optimize conversions.
-Michael Breed
Their ideas, analytical thinking, and iterative change methodology has helped us realize opportunity was right in front of us. They provided the framework and nudge we needed to create an internal design and UI/UX team.
-Chris Payne
They’ve been able to provide us with the research, strategy, analytics, and design direction to take our already-successful campaigns to another level. In working with Reap, we've been able to confidently put our own design and development team to work on some specific projects designed to grow sales.
-JR Denson