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We're a digital marketing agency obsessed with conversions.

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Video Optimization Services


If you’re in the Dallas area and comparing video agencies, Reap has implemented a video optimization technique that has been successful for a number of clients, from startup to enterprise level.


About Reap Marketing

Reap Marketing is an agency equipped with a team of marketing professionals with a specialization in conversion rate optimization. Our agency’s goal is to help you make informed decisions in order to make changes to improve your video performance with a different approach than other video agencies in Dallas.

Our Dallas video Agency has eaten its own dog food, and hired itself to build an eCommerce company from the ground up and have been able to increase our own eCommerce conversion rate by over 950% through various videos, A/B tests, and unique CRO methodologies.

As a client of our agency, we will share some of the takeaways we’ve learned through our own experience in producing videos and can put those to the test on your website.


If you’re interested in starting a conversation, request a quote and a member of our team will be in contact with you!



Our Agency’s Featured Video Services

Compared to most other video agencies in Dallas, our services don’t include commercial-level or big screen productions. Instead, we create a product that is optimized to perform well on the web through a variety of networks. A few of our offerings include:


Product Review Videos

Websites like have seen such an improvement with using product videos, that it’s become a requirement for the page before a product even launches. Our Dallas agency has created product videos for eCommerce websites that showcase the quality, size and detailing of the product. By bringing products to life on-screen, it adds a new dimension and makes users more confident in the purchase of that item.


Service Videos

For B2B, Restaurant, Real Estate, and other industries, our agency has produced videos that outline an explanation of services that our clients’ businesses offer. This is a great way to quickly pitch your clients on what you are offering and can be used across multiple hosting platforms in order to drive sales and leads for that service.


Testimonial Videos

Just like Amazon users love to read reviews prior to purchasing an item, website visitors gain more confidence in a company and its product or service by seeing another customer speaking about their experience. This is a great way not only to convert new users, but also create a great relationship with your existing purchasers outside of them just buying from you.


Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B Testing

Even if you don’t do your initial video production with our video agency, Reap can assist on testing and optimization around your existing collateral. We can test your video on various pages to see if it improves conversions, or implement best practices across your website or listings like YouTube and Vimeo.


Ready to get started? Click here and a member of our team will contact you about getting a quote for our agency’s video services.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We have used Reap for our marketing services for several years. Brice is a brilliant guy, he and his team look at marketing from the vantage point of conversions - turning visitors into customers instead of just a branding agency.
-Ben Peterson