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4 Tests to Run to Lower Your Cart Abandonment Rate


For the average e-commerce website, 65% of the users on your site that add a product to their cart don’t complete their order. In the competitive online shopping arena, strategies to reduce cart abandonment rates are ever-evolving to keep up with the big dogs like Amazon. While cart abandonment rate will never be 0% because people add things to their cart all the time to see how much shipping costs or add things they like, but will never purchase, there are a few things you can do to create a better shopping experience for the customer.

If you run an e-commerce store or work for one, it’s important to keep an eye on your analytics and know how to find cart abandonment rate. As you run promotions, launch ad campaigns, change prices, and make edits to your website, watch the abandonment rate so you can see how that metric is impacted by your campaigns.

The question you probably have is: “how do I get ahead of these cart abandoners?” Well, every website is different, but there are a series of tests that you can run to try and find solutions that fit your users and impact them the most. We have spent a lot of time testing and improving cart abandonment rates for our clients.

Take a look at our 4 cart and checkout page testing ideas and how you can gain valuable information from the tests.

1. Test a “Save for Later” Option

We all comparison shop, it’s inevitable. But if you can get your users to take an alternative action to shopping, it can allow you to gather information and target them. Set up a “Save for Later” option where the user can enter their email and save their cart. Then you can send follow-up emails to nurture them with an offer.

  • What to track… Number of Save For Later Clicks and Cart Abandonment Rate.
  • What you learn if the test wins… Your users have a longer buying process. Cater to them by allowing them to save and stay top-of-mind for them by capturing their information and marketing to them with products they already like.

2. Test Placing a Video on the Checkout Page

If you’re not a well-known company to your shoppers, you may need to give them a confidence booster that pushes them to complete the conversion. We know that product videos work for e-commerce, so why not a checkout video? Emphasizing next steps and walking them through the process may increase user confidence.

  • What to track… Number Video Plays & Checkouts
  • What you learn if the test wins… Users feel confident having someone guide the process, try adding more confidence boosters like this around your website!

3. Test Confidence-Boosting Logos

If you don’t want to sink your efforts into video just yet, go more simple. By placing familiar logos near your checkout button (i.e. Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) you can reinforce that you are a trusted source and that your shopper’s purchases will be protected.

  • What to track…  Number of Checkouts  
  • What you learn if the test wins… the safety of the users’ purchases are very important to them and it needs to be reinforced on your website. 

4. Test a Shorter Checkout Field

In today’s age, people want an easy checkout process. Allowing users to get to their final goal as fast as possible is crucial for a lower cart abandonment rate, especially on mobile. Try taking out questions that may not be necessary and automatically filling in fields that you already have the information for.

  • What to track… Number of Checkouts & Time on Page
  • What you learn if the test wins… Users are being held up by questions on the checkout page and the friction it takes to complete their order. Continue testing to optimize this.
  • BONUS TIP: Use heat mapping to see what fields are causing trouble and where users cursors are on the screen.

Ready to start testing? Our expert team at Reap Marketing can help you take these ideas and create new ones tailored exactly for your business, alleviate some of the user pain points on your website and make the e-commerce checkout process a simple one. Contact us today and start lowering your cart abandonment rate! 

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