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5 Steps to Craft an Engaging Welcome Email

One thing we all know to be true in the email world is that unsubscribes will happen. That’s why you have to put your best foot forward from the very beginning with a kick-butt welcome email! Whether you’re just starting off or trying to overhaul your current one, we have a 5 step list to help you craft an engaging welcome email.

Is a welcome email really that big of a deal?

Yes. Did you know that welcome emails have 4 times more opens and 5 times more clicks than batch sends? When you’re fresh on the user’s mind, give them the best you’ve got. An email optimized for conversions turns a new user into a customer. Give them an incentive to stick around and see what you have to offer.

1. Establish your brand and voice

The first thing to do when crafting your email is to create your tone of voice. Be someone you would want to read in your own inbox. Keep it light, friendly, and most importantly: not too sales-y. Think of the cool new kid in town with just enough personality with a dash of flash, kind of like Warby Parker. They’re the casual glasses provider that wants you to have fun – you notice that right away in their welcome email.

2. Be clear and to the point.

Users don’t want to poke around too much in your welcome email. If they’re subscribing to a service, make it easy to move forward. Mint, a budgeting website, keeps it simple: “Start managing your money.” I’m in. They tell you how to do it, keep the design clean, and give you a clear next step to begin the conversion funnel.

3. Remind them why they’ve subscribed to you

You got them to subscribe, but make sure they remember why from the moment they open your email! JetBlue’s TrueBlue program does it well, reinforcing that their positive points in easy-to-consume badges, and showcasing the rewards points they can earn by flying. This is a great example of an email that converts from a USP, the loyalty program.

4. If you want to offer them something, make it easy to redeem.

Paperless Post does it well: you subscribe, you get 25 free coins, they’re already in your account. It’s like giving a child their allowance – easy, simple, and works.

5. Help users get started.

If a user is new to your site and signed up because they wanted an offer for a first-time purchase or read your blog, help them get started. Memebox, a Korean Beauty site, knows their American shoppers may not be familiar with their products, so they give a few starter items they may like. Better yet, it seems personalized to their shopper, but it’s something anyone could use.

Think you’re ready to get started on your engaging welcome email? Keep in mind these steps and you’ll be getting conversions from your emails in no time! For more optimization tips, or help designing and developing your content, reach out to a Reap CRO Specialist and we’d be happy to help! 

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