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60% Increase in Checkouts Without Even Touching the Checkout

Letter Jacket is an online retailer of custom envelopes. They compete with the likes of When we first helped launch Letter Jacket, they had a complex wizard to help any company create custom envelopes.


Fixing Functionality That’s Too Complex

The wizard was so complex, though, that the conversions didn’t quite meet our expectations in the beginning. We knew we had a problem. So, we embarked on a series of A/B Tests to fix it.

When we got to looking at the data, we found that there was a high rate of abandonment at the point where people would enter the customization wizard, so we knew that part of the site had to be changed, but it was going to be very expensive to make a change to find that didn’t work either. So our change had to be precise.


Gathering Information Via Phone Calls

What we decided to do was, based on a hypothesis that if we made the phone number more prominent by putting it in the header, it would get more phone calls. By getting more phone calls, we would gather the qualitative information that we needed to be precise with the changes we made with the wizard.

So the first test that we ran was putting a large phone number in the top of the header throughout the website.

What we found was that we actually got zero additional phone calls, but it did increase the sales by over 60% and engagement with the wizard by almost 400%.


The Key Was In The Confidence

What we think we learned about our audience in the course of this test was just merely by having a phone number gave the users more confidence to start the process, and once they had that confidence, they were able to push through whatever complications were in the wizard, and they were able to complete the process.

Just by pumping the user full of confidence, they had what they needed to do the work themselves.

Most of the changes we’ve made since this test have been around creating additional content to give people education, knowledge, and confidence that they can make the changes on their own.


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We have used Reap for our marketing services for several years. Brice is a brilliant guy, he and his team look at marketing from the vantage point of conversions - turning visitors into customers instead of just a branding agency.
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