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We Tested 4 Captions with Crazy Variations in Results!

Maggiano’s Little Italy is a restaurant specializing in Italian-American cuisine. Maggiano’s is a Brinker owned restaurant with over 50 locations.

There are several goals that the Maggiano’s website has. The first being to generate banquet leads, the second to generate catering quotes, the third to generate lunch and dinner reservations, and the fourth is to generate e-club enrollments.


Increasing Reservations By Testing Copy

The first test that we focused on was increasing dinner reservations and testing different variations of the experiential copy to help inform other forms of advertising and marketing.

Our hypothesis was by adding copy adjacent to the reservation button we were able to increase the reservations and really able to substantiate what type of copy really helps drive conversions.


Breaking Down The Test Variations

For the first version, there was no change, and no copy was presented next to the “reserve your table” button.

The second version read, “Classic Italian recipes you love with new favorites to enjoy. What time can you join us?” We emphasized the classic Italian recipes and used a lot of love language to really emphasize that they’re going to enjoy their time here.

Version three said, “Sit down, relax and let us cook you dinner. What time will you be here?” This variation was really focusing on the relaxation aspect of enjoying your experience at Maggiano’s.

The “Classic Italian” version increased the reservation by over 30% while the relax version generated an increase of 38%. So definitely the third version was the clear winner.


The Real Winner: Best Of Both Worlds

But the real winner was a fourth version that read “Homemade Italian you don’t have to fly to Italy for. We’ll see you for dinner. Save the rest for lunch tomorrow.”

This version really combined the experiential component with the value component to emphasize the best things you get from Magginaos.

We increased the conversion rate by over 43% and indirectly increased the e-club enrollments by 79% for people who saw this test variation.

I think what this tells us about the audience for Maggiano’s is that they do in fact enjoy the experience and the value and that a good combination of both of them must be incorporated into several other forms of advertising that Maggiano’s does to get people to their restaurants.


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