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How One Counterintuitive Change to an Offer Increased Leads by 180%

Thomas Reprographics is a 50-year-old printing company, now known as Thomas Printworks. They provide high-quality, large-color graphics like billboards, skyscraper banners, and window clings. They do this mainly for big business and their agencies.

The New Target: Small Businesses

Thomas Printworks hired us mainly to help build their business with small businesses, so we started with a lead generation for vehicle graphics because vehicle graphics represents one of the highest profit margin items that Thomas Printworks sells.

The lead magnet we first used was a 25% off coupon if the user gave us their name and email address, and it really did work and it generated a lot of requests for quotes. But, we were having to give away a lot of money in the form of discounts.

Lower Offer for Equal Conversions

So, the first hypothesis was that we could potentially keep the same conversion rate, but lower the offer. What that would allow us to do was still generate the same quality of leads, but not give so much away in the form of the discount. So we tried a 10% off coupon compared to a 25% off coupon.

The results were basically the same between the 10% off coupon and the 25% off coupon. That inspired our next optimization effort, which was testing giving nothing away for free. So, how could that possibly work?

We devised a pricing configuration form where we asked a series of questions rather than having someone just submit their name, address, and phone number for a coupon.

What we did was we made the form much longer, much in the face of what most best-practice tell you in terms of keeping the form short. We actually made the form much larger, but every question was very pin-point focused on getting the information we need for a price quote.

The results of this test were pretty phenomenal.

Not only did we save almost a quarter million dollars a year in proposed discounts to the leads that were generated, but we also increased the amount of leads by 140% from the same amount of traffic.

What this test told us about the users for Thomas Printworks is that the business users needed to know the price in order to take the next step. They’re willing to fill out a form if they feel like it’s going to get them one step closer to what they really want, which is an answer on whether or not they can afford to do business with Tomas Printworks.

This has changed the game for Thomas Printworks.

Instead of defaulting to discounts, we’re now looking for better quality engagement opportunities to create a better experience and better way to engage directly with the consumer for Thomas Printworks.


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We have used Reap for our marketing services for several years. Brice is a brilliant guy, he and his team look at marketing from the vantage point of conversions - turning visitors into customers instead of just a branding agency.
-Ben Peterson