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We Made 1 Small Change That Drove 1,275% More Calls

Vintage Oaks is a land developer, and they have a master-planned community in the Texas Hill Country right outside of New Braunfels, Texas. This developer buys 2,000-5,000 acre ranches and carves it out into 1-2 acre homesites for sale for people that want to build their dream home on their own timeframe.


The New Target: Small Businesses

The land is highly desirable and there are actually a ton of other developers in the same area that sell similar products, but one of the differentiating things about Vintage Oaks is that they are backed and owned by a national developer with a lot more credibility than a lot of the other ‘mom and pop’ real estate developers there in the area.

Many of the phone numbers and references to the company have a very national feeling to it, to communicate the credibility and the size of the company. One of the things that we were questioning was how personal that made the community itself.


Can we increase phone calls by changing the phone number?

We hypothesized that changing the phone number from an 800- to a local 830- number.

It was a simple, subtle change in the header and in the body of the homepage marquee.


The results of this test were pretty phenomenal.

We actually got an increase in phone calls to the tune of 1,200% and an increase of 1,800% of phone calls lasting 2 or more minutes.

Not only were we getting a higher quantity of phone call, but indicators showed that the quality of the phone call was much better.


We want to challenge you to learn from this.

It’s really easy to leave the phone number that you’ve had for ages up; why question it? Or you can take inspiration and see what you can do to question everything that you’ve done from a branding perspective, even down to the phone number.

Does the number you use make a difference? In some cases like Vintage Oaks, it makes a big difference.

Should you use a local number? Maybe. Try to test it and see how it affects you.

Another thing you can try inspired by this test would be to put somebody’s name next to the phone number so the user feels like they know exactly who they’re going to reach once they call into that number, so they don’t feel like they’re calling into the call center and then treated with a phone tree and something very impersonal.


We hope this inspires a conversion breakthrough on your website. For more information on how you boost your conversions,  call us or get in touch and we’d be happy to set up a consultation!

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