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Our Founder’s Interview with Voyage Dallas Magazine

Our founder, Brice McBeth, recently had an interview featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine. Below is a transcript of the Q&A with their team! Read the original article posted here!

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

I started my career at IBM as a product manager for the worlds first website analytics platform delivered as a service.

I left IBM to get the first-hand experience at being the client. Three years later, viewing the landscape from that perspective and becoming frustrated in working with numerous agencies, I realized there was a need for a better marketing agency that specialized in marketing optimization and conversion optimization. This means getting better results from the marketing that you’re already doing. That’s when I felt inspired to start Reap Marketing in September 2009.

I eventually started my own successful e-commerce company,, where I have been able to put my ideas into play for myself and ultimately experience my own agency from the perspective of a client.

I wrote about the journey in my book, Salon Chairs Don’t Sell Themselves and eventually created the Infinite Conversions Workshop™ program, a one-day workshop designed to get businesses kick-started with over breakthrough ideas for optimization.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Running two business is almost like being… two CEOs. I also have three awesome boys under the age of seven. I’m either going full blast, or I’m asleep. There’s not much in between! *giggle*

I think what makes our journey so adventurous is that we’re constantly and intentionally going through transitions to evolve our companies into the next phase. We’re building both of our businesses brick by brick.

The details of our struggles, lessons and accomplishments are chronicled in my book, Salon Chairs Don’t Sell Themselves (see We’ve been able to stack wins through the process of AB Testing, which is a service specialization offered by our agency.

One of our key struggles with our ecommerce business was getting it off the ground. In my book, I talk about how we built a $100,000 website that offered an experience unlike any other ecommerce site. But after we found that it wasn’t meeting our expectations, we had to come to terms with replacing it with a boring and ugly $300 template. Overnight, our conversions went up over 350%!

Reap Marketing – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?

Reap Marketing is a marketing optimization company specializing in driving conversions through a process called AB testing. Industry wide, more than 60% of all AB tests fail, which means most of our ideas as marketers are not as effective as we’d like them to be. Testing ensures that you are substantiating the impact of great ideas by split testing it with your current website. Testing also ensures that you can identify ideas that don’t work effectively, and decommission them without shooting yourself in the foot.

In order to deliver good marketing optimization work, we must employ great designers, developers, copywriters, analysts, and other resources needed to also serve as a great digital marketing agency for our clients. is an online distributor of salon furniture and equipment. We’re known for having shaken up the industry a few years ago when the rest of the industry was still selling through traditional channels. We currently differentiate on our ability to provide blended solutions that combine the best of high-quality, high-design furniture made in the USA in combination with affordable import equipment to provide the look salon professionals are wanting without breaking the bank. Despite offering our solutions for sale online, most of our business is done through design consultants over phone calls and in-person visits at our design studio in Deep Ellum.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?

I’m constantly in awe of what my team is able to do. But I think launching my book last year has to top the list of personal accomplishments. It has been a great experience and helped chronicle our story. It has also lead to several speaking engagements, the launch of a workshop that I’m very proud of, several media appearances, and a few other accolades. I dedicated the book to my wife for the support she’s given me along the way and for providing such an amazing experience at home when I return from work every day. I’m proud of the book because she and my family have expressed their pride in my work. it’s been very rewarding despite any business success it has generated (or lack thereof).

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We have used Reap for our marketing services for several years. Brice is a brilliant guy, he and his team look at marketing from the vantage point of conversions - turning visitors into customers instead of just a branding agency.
-Ben Peterson
[Reap is] an important part of helping us hone our thinking when it comes to digital marketing. I come to them for their expertise and thought leadership on how to increase our search engine visibility, how to nurture leads in our database, and how to improve our ecommerce conversions. Their ecommerce industry expertise gives us the confidence we need to make calculated steps towards improving our current marketing efforts.
-Jaclyn Willbrand
We’ve employed Reap for over 7 years to coach our graphic designers, developers and sales staff on how to produce campaigns that generate good sales leads. They also help consult with us on our digital media buying to reach the right audiences.
-Brianna Long
Reap is helping guide us through making the right steps, thinking about the right approach, and putting the right metrics in place as I build out my own marketing department to do the actual “hands on” work.
-Jeff Owen
Reap has helped us step outside the limits of what we think is possible. They provide activities and direction to help us think in different ways - starting from a place of analytics or lateral thinking… just different ways to help us stretch our own creativity and really think differently about our site and how you can improve our site to optimize conversions.
-Michael Breed
Their ideas, analytical thinking, and iterative change methodology has helped us realize opportunity was right in front of us. They provided the framework and nudge we needed to create an internal design and UI/UX team.
-Chris Payne
They’ve been able to provide us with the research, strategy, analytics, and design direction to take our already-successful campaigns to another level. In working with Reap, we've been able to confidently put our own design and development team to work on some specific projects designed to grow sales.
-JR Denson